Joshua Dopp

Teaching Notes / Doppler Design

Supplieres and Links

local supplieres

Marjon Ceramics potters plaster and silica flour

Ball-consulting-ltd local rubber mold material supplier and sculptural tools. Talk to Freddie, Nicky and Spencer

Lincoln Glass Local supplier of stained and some casting glass.

J-Street they sell various types of glass and kilns. They also have workshops.

Lonnies sells jewlery tools. They have diamond tools and grits for cold working.

Habor Friegt Tools A little of everything but tends to be low quality especialy machine tools. Certain things are excelent and priced really well.

Marvel Masonry 120 Silica Sand (feldspar)

Porter Warner potters plaster and silica flour

Graphite Machining Torrance, Inc. Lake Havasu Az. All the Graphite you could ever want.

Kent Tools - Based in Tucson, Great suppler for jewlery and lapidary tools.


non-local suplieres

Bullseye Glass Another great web source for glass casting information. They also have classes

Gaffer Glass check out the video clip of automated gathering robot. Way COOL!

Olympic Color Rods glass supplies for blowers and casters

Uroboros Glass

CR & Loo Inc. glass

Skutt kilns

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. various tools

R&R Glass-Cast this is the pre-eminent investment material being used by proffesionals today.


AIM Kilns electric furnaces and kilns

His Glass many tools for glass specific. A little pricy though.

A.R.T.Co They have a pretty week web page but some glass specific tools. located in LA

Denver Glass Machinery equipment for the art glass studio

Correll Glass Studio Custom furnaces andannealers

Cutting Edge products some of the best glass hand tools made.

Covington-engineering grinding and cutting equipment

Spiral Arts, Inc. some of the best pipes and punties for glass blowers

Steinert Industries Glassblowers equipment

DFC Ceramics Crucibles for small batches.

Digitry computer controller comonly found in pro hot shops.

East Bay Batch and Color gaffer, spruce pine, reichenbach and custom glass

Glass Brokers exclusive distributor of Schott Optic Crystal 570.602.8833

Gott Steamer glass shaping system

Joppa Glass various technical equipment for the shop

Stadelman Glass Custom glass furnaces excelent electric furnaces.

Wale Apparatus Co. Flamy working tools Very interesting site full of information about plaster and mold making. - Best prices I am currently finding for my diamond bits.

Johnson Brothers - Lapidary suppler