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Many students complain that they do not get enough blow time in the conventional classroom environment. Although this may seem to be the case I believe taking a class with other students is very beneficial for the beginner. In the class room environment you are getting much more actual time in the hot shop. Watching is a big part of the learning process, as is assisting. That being said, many students get to a point or have projects which demand more focused time with an instructor. In this case I do recommend one on one instruction.

Mesa Arts Center Hot shop Rates are $ 66.00/hr. with a three-hour minimum and a half hour set up fee. That comes to $231.00 for three hours of bench time with an instructor.


Glass Casting

I am also available for teaching glass casting out of my private studio. I can cover all of the topics in detail that are listed in the class notes on the previous pages. I can help you prepare your models and molds while teaching investment casting techniques. If you are having trouble with your personal projects, I may be able to solve some of your particular problems and come up with solutions.

Private studio costs $ 80.00/hr.


Cold Working

I have a specific style of cold working witch utilizes flexible shaft tools like the Fordom as well as air tools like die grinders and angel grinders. I will give you lists of suppliers and show you specific and unique finishing process using glass.

Private studio costs $ 80.00/hr.

Please call 602-320-6071