Mesa Arts Center
Summer 2008

Introduction to Glassworking
Instructor: Joshua Dopp

Tuesday Nights 6-10 pm

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This new class will cover a variety of glass working techniques with an emphasis on glassblowing. Over the course of eight weeks, students will be introduced to hot shop techniques, mold making, kiln casting, cold working and sandcasting (ladling hot glass).

Estimated cost of supplies $20.00

week 1 Hotshop Techniques 6-3-08

We will start with introductions and a class over-view. I will then demonstrate how to gather glass and shape it to result in a paper weight. I will also demonstrate blowing a vessel and how to apply color.

week 2 Hotshop Techniques II 6-10-08

We will work in the hot shop again, using color and making blown vessels. I will introduce and discuss the sand casting technique.

week 3 Sand Casting 6-17-08

We will do a sand casting project. Please see notes.

week 4 Mold Blowing Project 6-24-08

I will demonstrate mold blowing techniques and invite students to try blowing into forms for controlling the shape of the glass.

week 5 Investment Casting Project 7-1-08

This project will be an open face investment casting. Students will carve clay in class and create a form, which we will then make a mold of and put into a kiln. Please see notes

week 6 Torch Work 7-8-08

There will be a demonstration, followed by hands-on work at a torch in the class room.

week 7 Cold Working 7-15-08

Cold working is the finishing process whereby glass is cut, ground, and polished. I will bring tools and demonstrate various techniques and cold shop etiquette. See notes.

week 8 Open Studio 7-22-08

Students will be allowed to work in whatever area they wish.