Introduction to Glass Casting
Instructor: Joshua Dopp

Mesa Arts Center

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This class is an overview of glass casting techniques. Students will be introduced to clay and wax model making techniques, various types of mold making, different types of kiln casting, cold working and finishing techniques. Glass casting encompasses a wide variety of skills. Student interest and ability will direct much of the lessons and class projects. A large part of this class is concerned with mold making. To really benefit from this class, I will ask you to work on your models outside of class time as much as possible. This will allow us more time in class to get through the time consuming process of mold making. We will look at various methods for filling the molds with glass. Detailed discussion and review of firing schedules will be taught along with explanation of different types of glass and their various attributes.

Estimated cost of supplies $40.00

class 1 Introduction and Overview

We will start with introductions and a class over-view. I will briefly discuss some of the history and current trends in glass casting. I will then give each student a brick of clay and a board to start carving their first casting project, which will be an open face mold. We will discuss the first project in detail and students will have time to work with there clay so that we may address the appropriate size and shape of the first project. Open Face notes

class 2 Open Face Clay Project

You should try and come to class with a model that is ready to go. We will be making investment molds and placing them into the kiln with a firing schedule. Please see Open Face notes

class 3 Wax Introduction

I will introduce wax working and further explore glass-casting theory. I will bring wax and discuss wax mold making.

class 4 Advanced Model Making

We will divest first project molds and discuss outcomes. Students will work in clay and wax preparing for next class.

class 5 Investment Casting Project

This will be another mold-making day. We will load the kiln again with our molds and start the kiln. We will also carve clay in class.

class 6 Wax Molds

A demonstration of rubber and plaster molds. Further discussion of casting techniques. We might make a third mold.

class 7 Sand Casting

Provided the class furnaces are up and running, we will do a sand-casting project. Please see Sand Casting notes.

class 8 Finishing Work

Cold working is the finishing process whereby glass is cut, ground, and polished. I will bring tools and demonstrate various techniques and cold shop etiquette. See Cold Working notes. Please bring ALL of your pieces made in the class so that I may photograph them.