Mesa Arts Center
Summer 2008

Intermediate to Advanced Glass Casting
Instructor: Joshua Dopp

Thursday Nights 6:30 - 10:30 pm

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TThis is an intermediate to advanced class on glass casting techniques intended for students with previous mold making and glass experience. Over the course of eight weeks we will cast as much glass as possible. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with ideas. We will have a sand casting project and explore cold working techniques. Although this class has a similar layout as the beginning class my intention is to go into greater detail and scale up projects. Class size will be smaller and therefore students will be able to make more castings and larger pieces.
The weekly class schedules listed below is flexible and will change with the given circumstances. Some factors, which often change the class schedule, are availability of furnaces and kilns in regards to the other classes. Because the work we will be doing is larger and requires longer annealing schedules we will have to allow for changes in the weekly projects here given. That being said this is a rough guide and basically covers all the topics I will cover. Please email me with any questions or concerns. At

Estimated cost of supplies $40.00 - $100.00 this largely depends on the type and amount of glass used.

week 1 Introductions and Overview

We will jump right into first project open face casting. You should try and come to class with a ready to go model. We will be making investment molds and placing them in to the kiln with a firing schedule. Please see Open Face proj. notes

week 2 Advanced Wax Project

I will introduce wax working and further explore glass-casting theory. I will bring wax and discuss wax mold making. Wax notes page

week 3 Sand Casting

Provided the class furnaces are up and running, we will do a sand-casting project. Please see Sand Casting notes.

week 4 Advanced Molds

A demonstration of rubber and plaster molds. Further discussion of casting techniques possible third investment mold making day and firing.

week 5 Billet Investment Casting Project

We will utalise the hot shop furnaces and add glass to our mofl directly from the the furnaces.

week 6 Open Studio

Open studio

week 7 Cold Working

Cold working is the finishing process where by glass is cut ground and polished. I will bring tools and demonstrate various techniques and cold shop etiquette. See cold working notes. Also see notes on Glass Studio Safety

week 8 Finishing Work 8-21-08

Open studio. Please bring ALL of your pieces made in the class so that I may photography them.