Cold Working Workshop
Instructor: Joshua Dopp
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Designed as a 16 hour workshop over the course of four weeks, on the topic of glass cold working and finishing techniques. I will be adding more information to this web site and will find dates for the class. If you are interested please call or email me so that I can address your concerns and interests.

The class will cover grinding and polishing, gluing or structural connections and various finishing techniques. If you do not have a set project or specifically have something you would like to accomplish in this class please let me know before class begins so that I might help you find a project.


Class 1 Cutting Grinding and Polishing

Introductions and class overview
Shop and Tools overview
Work Time

Class 2 Gluing and Structural Connections

Presentation of Various Glues.
Physical Connections
Work Time

Class 3 Surface Enhancements

Sandblasting and Resists
Diamond tool etching
Discussion of acid etching

Class 4 Work Time

Presentation of Historical examples
Work Time, I will help you with your projects.

On my Cold Working Notes page you will find my general discussion on the topic of cold working, as well as, detailed instructions. You will also find links to suppliers and artists websites.


Joshua Dopp 602.320.6071



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