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Broken and cracked glass can generally not be re-melted and mended. However it can sometimes be glued. If this is not possible, replacement is sometimes an option. I have the ability to remake many things and might be able to reproduce your piece.

Sometimes a crack can be stopped from spreading by grinding at the right spot and gluing the crack. Instead of total replacement, the standard way to fix completely broken glass is to glue it back together. I use NASA grade Hextal glue and high quality silicone to fix glass.

Additionally, I can grind and polish edge chips and surface scratches.

Please call to discuss your glass, ceramic or art work problem and terms for its repair.



Ceramic Repair

Chipped Foot

Bird Form


Past Projects

proj. #1 Broken Link

proj. #2 Here is a non-glass restoration and repair job on a wood Santos antique.

proj. #3 Bird Form repair for Cervinni Haas Gallery

proj. #4 Large amber vase with chipped foot

proj. #5 Ceramic repair job

Santos repair job


Client had nine broken cages for a chandelier.


Tiffany Lamp

Client had a broken glass lamp shade of a rare Tiffany lamp. I create a new replica for the client.    

Client called in a panic. He had just broken his wife's ashtray. It was the only thing she had of her fathers'. I took the pieces and made this beautiful object and etched the fathers name on the piece. Needless to say, he was forgiven.



Broken Vase

Original vase was ceramic. I had to chip out all of the pieces from the metal using chisels and fordom. A glass shape was made and then clued into the metal to reproduce the same shape and vase.


Chuck Savoie Goblet
Client had this beautiful Chuck Savoie Goblet (Go Illini!) which they had broken at the stem in an area of the delicate evolio (the hour glass bit of glass between stem and cup. Luckily the piece had two evolios, which were joined together with a bit of hot glass. I was able to cold work away the entire section of the broken evolio and glue the cup and stem together with Hextal glue. Chuck Savoie Goblet  
Chuck Savoi

Sam stang

Sam Stang Candle stick holder. New ball and candle holder top made and attached.

New foot made with matching lip wrap




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