Teaching Notes


Most Classes Taught at The Mesa Arts Center

Private classes can also be schedualed through Doppler Design, at our studio in Phoenix or we can come to you. Look at the Highway Hotshop website for more information regarding mobile glass blowing studio classes and lessons.

Joshua Dopp

4 to 8 week Classes and Workshops

1 or 2 day Workshops

Introduction to Glass

Intermediate and Advanced Glass Blowing

Investment Kiln Casting

Intermediate to Advanced Casting

Blow Molds

Sand Casting

Ornament Blowing

Glass Love


Cold Working

Movies for Artists (New!)

Private Lessons to arrange private lesson or consultation please feel free to call me at (602)-320-6071

To sign up for classes at MAC please call (480) 644-6523 or go their web site MAC to sign up online.

Suppliers to the glass Industries and Arts

Cold Working



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