Mesa Arts Center

Intermediate Glass: Creative Techniques
Instructor: Joshua Dopp

Tuesday Nights 6-10 pm



Course Introduction  



cold working

In this class, we will build on what you have done in beginning glass. You will learn to control the glass better and become more familiar with how glass behaves. Understanding the dance of the hot shop and becoming familiar with the challenges of teamwork will shape the first few classes. Student interests will drive a lot of the focus of the remainder of the class.  
  In this class I will push each of you in various directions. Some may need help in balance and timing, others will need help with the challenges of scale. You can learn a lot by working very small and then going big, working thin and fast or thick and heavy.  
  During each class time I will demonstrate a quick piece showing new skills and techniques. Although class time officially starts at 6:00pm it would be helpful if you can arrive early to help with setting up. This will also give you time to look at last weeks work and to plan your evenings project. After each class it is common courtesy to help clean up. This includes putting away tools, and equipment as well as sweeping and tempting of trash .  
  In class discussions will include current trends in the glass world, as well as, the particular needed skills for working in professional shops. additionally I am open to the idea of using one class during the eight weeks to do a sand casting project. See sand casting notes for more information, pictures and concepts. I will also cover the topic of cold working. See cold working notes  

I will be adding links to other artist and galleries throughout the course so please check back often.


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